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2019 Legislative Priorities
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Invest in Biomedical Research   

The goal is to seed research with potential to lead to breakthrough treatments and expand the industry and Florida’s economy. BioFlorida encourages the funding of research at Florida’s Centers of Excellence including state research universities and our independent research institutes through the following initiatives:

  • Support the James and Esther King Biomedical Research Program and Bill Bankhead and David Coley Cancer Research Program: Maintain current funding from cigarette sales surcharge to fund biomedical research and drug discovery.
  • Support Legislation Regarding Alzheimer’s Research and Care: Encourage increased funding for the Ed & Ethel Moore Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program to make Florida a leader in Alzheimer’s research and care.
  • Increase funding for cancer-related research, patient care, and medical education in Florida: This will enhance the quality and competitiveness of cancer care in this state, further a statewide biomedical research strategy directly responsive to the health needs of Florida’s citizens, and capitalize on the potential educational opportunities available to Florida’s students.
  • Support for New Drug Discovery and Translational Research: Encourage the discovery and development of therapeutics to strengthen and expand the intellectual property portfolio of our universities and independent research institutes.

Support and Expand the Florida Life Sciences Industry

In order to make Florida more competitive with other states, BioFlorida supports the infusion of funds and creation of tax incentives to support existing companies and to attract more life sciences companies to the state. BioFlorida favors increased funding for the continuation of these existing programs and new funding to support the expansion of the vibrant life science industry in Florida.

  • Support State Tax Reductions: BioFlorida will monitor tax and fee reduction proposals (including, but not limited to: sales tax, commercial lease, and corporate income tax) to assess their impact on the life science industry and encourages our members to provide feedback to Governor  DeSantis and legislative leaders on ideas for these proposals.
  • Promote State Biotechnology Competitiveness: BioFlorida supports continuation funding to spur growth of Florida’s biotechnology industry.
  • Support the Institute for Commercialization of Florida Technology (Institute): The Institute funds innovation-based start-ups and helps investors and entrepreneurs identify new investment and management opportunities.
  • Encourage investor funds in the life sciences: Support measures that encourage angel, venture capital, and other funding for Florida companies.
  • Strengthen Florida’s Economic Development Tool Kit:  Including the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, the Quick Action Closing Fund, the High Impact Performance Incentive (HIPI) grants and the Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund (QTI).

Support Patient Access and Appropriate Use of Therapeutic Options

Breakthrough cures and access to these cures have a two-fold impact: access to cures promotes discovery and support of Florida-based life science research; and these cures save the lives of Floridians.

  • Support Right Medicine, Right Time: Support measures that increase access for Florida patients to prescription medications, including breakthrough medications, and support transparency in payor’s formulary process.  Oppose measures that establish a system premised on therapeutic interchangeability of prescription medications and the dispensing of therapeutic alternative medications without prior authorization of a prescriber.
  • Oppose artificial controls on the prescription drug marketplace: Oppose legislation and other efforts to establish drug price controls or burdensome “drug price transparency” reporting requirements for manufacturers.
  • Support Alignment of Florida Vaccination Requirements with CDC Recommendations: Support proposed Department of Health rule changes and/or legislation that aim to increase immunization rates for children, adolescents, and adults, consistent with current federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations and support policies that increase public understanding of the benefits of vaccinations.

Support the Marketing of Florida’s Life Science Business Brand

Increase interaction and exposure of advances made in the state and support continued economic development efforts centered on life sciences.

  • Support Enterprise Florida’s efforts to Market Florida’s Business Brand: support increased funding to promote Florida as a destination for businesses in the life sciences.
  • Promote Florida as a Destination for Clinical Trials: Encourage the state government to work with the medical innovation community to develop and implement strategy that promotes Florida as a clinical trial destination.  The state has invested tens of millions to advance national recognition and accreditation of the work of clinical institutions. Such clinical trials improve research and treatments, expand access to patients, and contribute to the economy. Florida has already acknowledged its support of clinical trials through the collaboration agreement between the state and health insurers for insurers to provide routine coverage and cover patient costs associated with Phase I through IV cancer clinical trials.



About BioFlorida

BioFlorida is the voice of Florida's life sciences industry, representing 6,700 establishments and research organizations in the BioPharma, MedTech, HealthIT & BioAg that collectively employ nearly 94,000 Floridians.